Encouragement: Inspiration and its Origins


It’s hard to believe I’ve written 389 post during the last four years. It’s funny because I first began this project in the hopes of being a springboard towards employment and it’s become so much more than that to me. Isn’t that how God chooses to work miracles in our lives, though? This shows us that we are able to do more by His Power than that of our own will.

This topic has been the discussion of many religious dramas and television shows. Inspiration – what is it and where does it come from? Personally, I believe that no other show explains it better than Touched By an Angel in episode 100 entitled “Psalm 151”. In the episode, the angels try to help uncover and grant the wishes of 10-year-old Petey who is dying of cystic fibrosis. One of them being that his mother (played by Wynonna) complete writing a song signifying that she would be able to provide for herself after his death.

I’ve provided the “inspiration” clip below. I found it on YouTube, thanks to a user Miss Wings. In short, Monica (the Angel of truth) tells Audrey that “God puts into your spirit things that couldn’t come from your own mind.”

In the end, Audrey completes the song and performs it for her son. The song “Testify To Love” was originally written by Avalon, but fits the storyline perfectly. We should look at everything in life as a opportunity to be “a witness in the silences when words are not enough”. In that way, we are pointing others to Jesus.

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