Encouragement: Highway to Heaven’s “A Match Made In Heaven”

Hey Guys~

Okay, so I was enjoying my TiVo 4 Series yesterday, when I came across one of my old favorites on television- Highway to Heaven. Some of you may remember it as one of the classics of the 80’s, featuring Victor French and Michael Landon. Other popular television series during that time included Little House on the Prairie, Three’s Company and the Cosby Show.

But I digress.

Not only was I excited to see the show back on the air because of its entertainment value, but for its morality as well. The show, just like Touched by an Angel touches on issues not often discussed on television. This episode “A Match Made in Heaven” was no different. It featured a paralyzed lawyer played by James Troesh struggling with the possible implications of a marriage to Mark’s cousin (Margie Impert)

Some of the questions that surfaced during this episode included:

1. Does falling in love outweigh all of the sacrifices my husband or wife will have to make during the marriage?

2. Is my friend wasting their life being with the disabled person? What about all the responsibility it involves?

And most importantly,

3. How will this affect my self-worth? I won’t even be able to take care of my own children.

As you can see, this was a very powerful episode. Especially for me as I look towards the future and a possible life with a husband and children. I would encourage you to remember, though, that love conquers all. If you are having doubts about your life or situation, always remember that!

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Citation for TV program: “A Match Made in Heaven” Highway to Heaven. Gospel Music Channel 224 GMC, 12 May 2010. Original air date: January 20, 1985

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