Encouragement: From Yet Another Mother

Dear Readers,

I find myself behind yet again. As a result, I have decided to postpone the continuation of Patrick Henry until I get caught up (which shouldn’t take me long because I intend on getting caught up today). That means you will have a lot of reading and exploring to do from my website.

In closer inspection, I have come to realize I don’t have many perspectives other than my own on this website. I have added some mother’s perspectives, such as the one from To the Max. But not much other than that. I am doing my best to broaden my horizons and provide a wide range of perspectives, not only for myself but for you. This will give my readers a diverse number of opinions and outlooks on various situations. That being said, I would like to introduce another blog you. This one is entitled: Living with Faith. It is written by a 31-year-old mother who has a child with CP.

Go Ahead and take a look. A word of warning though. When you load the webpage, she has music on it that is somewhat loud. You may want to turn down your speakers. Chuckle.


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