Encouragement: A Different Way Of Looking at Therapy

So as most of you know, I have been going to occupational therapy two times a week over the last couple of months . I have documented my progress in my previous posts. But today, I would like you to join me as I look at my therapy in a different way. I’ve often heard PT and OT referred to as the “lemonade factory”-a place they turn “lemons” (a negative situation) into “lemonade” (something positive). This can be something as simple as a change of perspective to receiving a positive outcome in therapy.

I have been reminded of this several times throughout my own experience in OT. Not only that, but in one of my favorite episodes of Highway to Heaven entitled “A Fresh Batch Of Lemonade” starring Ken Olandt and Bart Conner along with others. In this episode, baseball hopeful (Ken) dreams are dashed when he is paralyzed in a car accident. As a result, he has trouble adjusting to his new life as a disabled person. But his friends show that there is life beyond his disability. I have included two of my favorite clips below. The first being, the people should never use their disability as a crutch for not achieving their dreams.

the second one is one that I also refer to in the previous posts about making yourself a promise and keeping it.

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