Courageous-Casting Crowns with lyrics

Welcome Back Everyone~

Okay, so I know it’s been a while.. But my family and I finally took our long-awaited vacation of the summer; it was a great time to just sit back and reflect on the journey we’ve had over the over the past few months. Despite this new lease on life. I’ve been given, it still has its own troubles. Since my recovery, for example, I’ve had a great amount of difficulty finding someone to care for my needs; not only that, but I’ve developed reoccurring health issues that keep me out of my chair for several hours a day.

That being said, I’m amazed at how God has kept so many of my dreams alive. Barring any other economic difficulties, I will be moving out on my own soon. I just have to wait for a first level apartment to become available before a friend

and I can move in together. In the meantime, however, I am enjoying spending time with my family-knowing that this time is fleeting and soon our lives may have us going in different directions.
Anyway, that’s why I love the movie Courageous. It teaches Christians that we have a unique opportunity to share God’s love with those around us; but with that comes a harsh reality-in which one must choose to live out their faith and take responsibility for our actions. In that way, we are all doubly responsible when we each know what God expects of us as a person and as a human put on this earth.

I’m sorry, there’s so much more I had planned to share with you in terms of the movie. But I waited too long to write it all down! Anyway, who knows? I may get the opportunity to see it again and some new thoughts will be spurred in my head.

In the meantime, I thought I would share the main theme of the movie with you about one guys: hopefully, you will be as inspired as I was…

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