Basketball is more than just a game..

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Okay, so I have decided to delay this week’s encouragement untill Friday to bring you this special new segment I saw

I was just about to change the channel from the news when a interesting sports story was shown. The story featured high school senior Tyler DeVries. Tyler isn’t your typical basketball player. You see, he has cerebral palsy- the kind that affects his walking etc. But that hasn’t stopped him from wanting to play basketball. Throughout his high school career, he tried out. He didn’t make it .Eventually, though, he settled for being a manager for the team.

But that all changed Tuesday night. It was Senior’s Night and the last game of his high school experience and the coach gives him an extra uniform to play. Unfortunately, the first two shots he missed while playing a game. He was devastated. But his teammates assured him they would put him back in soon..

They did. Tyler was able to shoot the last ball of the game. They won the game and are off to the playoffs. However, that isn’t why they are excited. It’s because Tyler accomplished one of his dreams that night.

“I can’t believe it happened.. I felt like Michael Jordan,” said DeVries

What does he hope to show people with disabilities?

“I just want to represent all people with disabilities and all the people who went out for basketball and didn’t make it.”

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Citation for TV Program: News segment, Beth Parker reporting Fox channel 5 WTTG DC, News at 5 pm, February 24, 2010

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