Assistancee Dog Issue goes straight to Supreme Court

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I was watching the news last week and came across a interesting story; it involved a young girl with CP w(cerebral palsy) and her struggle to gain independence in school the help of her assistance dog Wonder. In 2009, Ehlena Fry and her goldendoodle Wonder were first paired together during training in Ohio; this opportunity made possible through a $13,000 fundraiser held by family and friends. The trouble began when they tried to transition Wonder to assist her during school hours .at first, the school agreed to a 30 day trial.This didn’t work out as planned, however , and was marked with one obstacle after another. Eventually, the Fry family decided to change middle school.

Still, they believe the other school needs to be held accountable according to the Americans with Disabilities Act .

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  1. Wow. Glad they sued. There needs to be a precedent for this, and no, having a teacher follow her, etc is NOT sufficient…thus is not just a household dog. It's is highly trained to not cause any issues at all. Terrible


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