A Father’s Sacrifice

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Well, today’s Friday and I seem to be a little sore from the dentist yesterday. Being disabled, it’s often difficult for me to relax my facial muscles.(i.e. my jaw and lip muscles) I am lucky to have the a dentist, that is willing to adapt to the circumstances based on my ability. For example, they are able to do most procedures in my chair with it tilted back; that’s one of the advantages of a reclining wheelchair. Anyway, I am still in quite a bit of pain. My back teeth are always the hard ones.

Still, “No pain, no gain.”


As promised, below is my review of “Extraordinary Measures”. This movie is very inspirational, showing the links that a father will go to help their children. They will stop at nothing to ensure they get the best of everything, no matter what the cost. Brendan Fraser plays John Crowley, a father who invests his own money in an effort to find a cure for Pompe. In first glance, this movie reminded me a lot of Pursuit of Happyness (probably because it was produced by the same person). This movie gives a accurate portrayal of the conflict of interest that sometimes occurs between healthcare and society. All in all, it was well written and kept you guessing; although I would have liked to see more of the impact this journey had on the family dynamic as a whole.

Happy Memorial Day to all my readers!

Have a great weekend. Hopefully, it won’t rain!

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