Faithful Friday: Remaining Faithful Radio Show Host Deliah

*Originally posted in 2018, this blog highlights one of my favorite radio show hosts Deliah. Best known for her ability to pick the right song for any occasion, she connects with her listeners in an unbelievable way. In my time of healing and grief, I find that music can touch my soul in a way nothing can right now; so forgive me for my silence as I try to get back slowly into “normal” life

Trust me, I’m beginning to believe normal is overrated anyway

But still, I thought you’d enjoy this post and why I believe Deliah has remained faithful in her calling*

Welcome Back Readers~

I’ll be honest I haven’t felt quite like myself the last few weeks. Although I’ve been rolling along trying my best to work on the blog and YouTube videos, my heart hasn’t been really in it. Still, news of Delilah’s new book and podcast gave me something to do and post about. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve been listening to her radio show for as long as I can remember on and off throughout the years. Except for her faith (which she shares candidly on the air to anyone she feels led to), I didn’t know much about her. Sure, I knew she had a nonprofit foundation to help feed and provide for the needy in underdeveloped countries. But because I read her new book “One Heart at a time” I feel like I know her more like a friend. Let me preface this review by saying, I’m only halfway through the book but I just had to share what I’ve been touched by so far.

  1. Delilah is a famous radio show host, yes, but she is also just a human with a broken heart- as with her radio show, Delilah is open and candid about her life and difficulty. In the very first chapter, she tackles the most recent tragedy that broke her heart- Zack’s suicide. I admit this was a difficult chapter for me to read and listen to because I’m always used to hearing her positive attitude and spirit. But that’s the truth, people are broken in this world and that’s why they need to hear about the love of God.
  2. Delilah always seems to know what to say to her listeners. Reading and listening to her show, I’m always amazed how she knows exactly what to say to her audience. She is not afraid to share the gospel and how she feels about any subject. As she puts it, she has “the gift of gab”
  3. Delilah believes in Jesus and follows wherever he calls her. It’s amazing to see how God works in other people’s lives. Sometimes there as miraculous as receiving a email from a complete stranger that leads you to learn more about the difficulties in Liberia. That led to the greater purpose in her life- Point Hope
  4. Delilah believes prayer is vital in this life- her stories of praying for miracles as a child touched my heart; in the prayer chapter she also points out that God has the ability and often does meet us where we are in life, we just need to pray. Are you doubting? That’s okay. It’s even normal. Ask him to show you his presence in a very unique way to you and I’m sure he will. But you must keep your heart open.
  5. She is changing people’s lives “one heart at a time”. In her book, Delilah explains how she developed Point Hope with the express purpose of giving the homeless a hand up to restart their life. Over time, she realized they just had come to rely on that daily as their meal. It was then that she realized you have to get to know the person to really impact change.. Even with my blog and YouTube ministry, I sometimes feel like I’m not doing enough. I am not making a difference. But as my dad puts it, “God is watching you and is very proud of you!” If I’m being honest, a lot of the times I don’t feel that way; I don’t see the impact. Not only that, having a disability has a tendency to get me down these days. I don’t know why. I can’t explain it.

In short, Delilah has been through a lot in her life; but she has chosen to use her circumstances to share God’s love through actions, foundations, and kind words on a daily basis.I can only hope to make the kind of difference she has. God bless!

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